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Eagle Manager's Retreat 2018 is coming home to celebrate 40 years! Join us in Phoenix, Arizona.

To celebrate 40 years in business, Forever is proud to welcome this elite group of FBOs to the home of our company - Phoenix, Arizona - from October 7-13, 2018.

In addition to the history and the spirit of the Home Office, Phoenix is also home to Forever Nutraceutical. Our 82,500 square foot manufacturing facility is the envy of the industry. Every year, we manufacture over 2 billion tablets, 20 million bottles, 2 million cases and over 5 million pounds of herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, vital nutrients, bioflavonoids and proteins. FN is just one more place you can experience Forever's dedication to quality - one of the many things that set us apart in the industry.

Groups will be announced soon.

GROUP 1 | 7 - 10 OCTOBER
SUNDAY 7 OCTOBER 2018 | Arrivals
MONDAY 8 OCTOBER 2018 | Training
TUESDAY 9 OCTOBER 2018 | Tours
WEDNESDAY 10 OCTOBER 2018 | Departures

GROUP 2 | 10 - 13 OCTOBER
WEDNESDAY 10 OCTOBER 2018 | Arrivals
THURSDAY 11 OCTOBER 2018 | Training
FRIDAY 12 OCTOBER 2018 | Tours
SATURDAY 13 OCTOBER 2018 | Departures

The Kierland Resort and Spa will be host to our EMR18 qualifiers and event this year. Learn more about the resort here .

Explore what there is to do and see in Scottsdale, Arizona at ExperienceScottsdale.com. More information about #EMR18 is coming soon! Use the hashtag to share your excitement and follow the information being posted on social media.

For questions, please tweet us @flpglobalevents!